Sintering / casting

Our sintered & cast materials

Neofer®, Ox®, Alnico® & Seco

Our materials Ox 100, Ox 400, Seco 170/120 as well as Neofer 230/80 and Neofer 230/120 are manufactured using a sintering process. The preform materials are mixed and compressed to the required shape under pressure. Magnets with anisotropic properties are compressed in a magnetic field using specially manufactured electromagnetic tools. After being shaped, these so-called “green products” undergo a high-temperature treatment known as sintering. During this treatment, they increase in density and rigidity and the magnets acquire their final form and strength.
The qualities of Seco and Neofer result in excellent magnetic properties.

Out AlNiCo materials are manufactured using an injection-molding procedure. In this procedure, the metal alloy (aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron) is cast in the required shape and is then subject to a number of heat treatment stages. These products acquire their anisotropic properties by means of annealing in the magnetic field.

The sintered and cast materials are very brittle and can only be machined by means of grinding or erosion.

DescriptionDIN IEC 60404-8-1 codes 1i/aBH(max) [kJ/m3] 6 8Br [mT] 6 8HcB [kA/m] 6 8HcJ [kA/m] 6 8Density [g/cm3] Water absorption [%] 7 CompositionProduction
Ox 100Hard ferrite 8/22i82151352204.9n.a.Hard ferriteSintering
Ox 400Hard ferrite 30/24a30.23852462554.8n.a.Hard ferriteSintering
Alnico 500AlNiCo 35/5a35112047487.2n.a.8Al,15Ni,24Co,3Cu,Fe
Alnico 40/12NiCo 40/12a408501201277.3n.a.7Al,14Ni,35Co,3Cu,6Ti,Fe
Alnico 700AlNiCo 52/6a52130055567.2n.a.8Al,15Ni,24Co,3Cu,Fe
Seco 170/120RECo 170/120a1709206408008.3n.a.SmCo5 oder Sm2Co17Sintering
Neofer 230/80REFeB 230/80a23011007508007.4n.a.NdFeBSintering
Neofer 230/120REFeB 230/120a230110078012007.4n.a.NdFeBSintering


1 Combined of approximated minimum values of (B * H)max and HcJ according to DIN IEC 60404-8-1.
Gebildet aus angenäherten Mindestwerten von (B * H)max und HcJ nach DIN IEC 60404-8-1.
Composé de valeurs minimales (B * H)max et HcJ suivant DIN IEC 60404-8-1.
2 PA = Polyamid/ Nylon
NBR = Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
EPH = Expoxydharz/Resin
PPS = Polyphenylensulfid
3 Prefered axis to rolling direction.
Vorzugsrichtung zur Kalandrierrichtung.
Sens préférentielle d’ aimantation au sens de calandrage.
4 Machinable by cutting.
Spanabhebend bearbeitbar.
Usinable par enlèvement de copeaux.
5 The maximum operating temperature for a magnet matrials is dependent upon the specific application and magnet geometry. Do not hasitat to contact our Application Engineers for more information.
Die maximale Einsatztemperatur ist abhängig von der Anwendung, von der Magnettype sowie der Magnetgeometrie. Für weitere Informationen kontaktieren Sie bitte unsere Anwendungstechniker.
La température maximale d'utilisation d'un aimant dépend de son application spécifique ainsi que de sa géométrie. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact avec nos ingénieurs d'application pour plus d'informations.
6 Indicated values only with optimum dimensions: shortest edge > 8 mm, volume 1 – 200 cm³.
Angegebene Werte nur bei optimalen Abmessungen: Kürzeste Kante > 8 mm, Volumen 1 – 200 cm³.
Valeurs uniquement pour dimensiones optimales côté le plus court > 8 mm, volumes 1 – 200 cm³.
7 t.b.d.
to be defined
noch festzulegen
à établir
not applicable
nicht angegeben / anwendbar
pas applicable
8 Minimum values.
Valeurs minimales.